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The rantings of Jonathan Lorenz
Rachael got hit head on back a few weeks ago and the insurance totaled out the car. For those not in the know, she’s fine. We’re under the gun to find her another car and we’ve tried to find a used one, but all ones we’ve come across have been in some sort of accident, had shoddy repairs done, and overall misrepresented. She’s leaning towards getting a new Hyundai Accent since they’re decent, cheap, have a warranty, and never been in an accident. I’d like her to get a Rabbit instead since I’m more familiar with the cars and my VAG-COM cable would help out significantly with error codes, but they’re almost $5000 more. She’s stressed about and thus making me stressed.

What really has spoiled my day is the phone call from my dad I just got. A little background, I live with my dad and step-mom and pay rent. I use to be downstairs, but I’ve been kicked into the guest bedroom since my previous room is turning into their room. From there he’s building out a room/studio in the garage for me and renting out the upstairs. Me being in the guest room next to their present room is new and it hasn’t been a week. The normal routine for Rachael and I for the past 8-9 months is she comes over, we make dinner, clean up, watch something, cuddle till about midnight, and then she goes back to her place. Apparently this is cramping them up. My dad called me to say we can’t be there every night and need to go somewhere else 3-4 days of the week. This really pissed me off. I told him “fine.” He started to list the reasons: always cooking something every night, too close quarters with us, yelling at their dog, and maybe a couple of other things. I told him “fine;” I wasn’t interested in going into it. In an off the whim retaliation I told him to “get a handle on [his] dog.” To which he replied that they’re trying.

I feel like I’ve been kicked out of my home. My depression is even trying to stick in some feelings of rejection. I’d much rather be homeless than have to deal with this. I'm going to have to come up with something to be cheery for Rachael's B-day today.

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Your humor, my horror:
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I’m starting to feel sick again; the type of sick induced by stress. I don’t feel overwhelmed per se; more so that shit is going to hit the fan and I’m going to have to go through it whether I like it or not. Blech. So let’s go down the shit list:

We’re moving into a new suite upstairs. The boss is out and it’s my duty to take over the reigns. Not a big problem. As a part of the move, we’re putting in a new phone system and I’ve been tasked to order a new server as a part of that setup. So last week I call up our vender asking about a specific server and when it would ship if we ordered it that day. So I call up today and it turns out may ship out either this Thursday, 2006/12/28, or next week Thursday, 2007/01/04. Well shit, that’s no good. Phone system is going in next week.

Getting Married
So Rachael’s mom isn’t happy about us getting married. That’s putting it lightly. Livid is a bit more accurate. I asked her for her blessing to take her daughter’s hand in marriage; she told me "I’m not saying ‘yes’ and I’m not saying ‘no.’ I need to talk with my daughter some more." She told Rachael "no." So it’s "no." Honestly, I did it out of courtesy and tradition. We were going to go forward with or without it. The screwed up thing is her mom is pissed because I asked instead of Rachael asking. Right…

So fast-forward to about 02:00 Sunday, 2006/12/24. Her mom is prepping for the guests she’s going to have over that day and the next. She did take the preceding week off, but ended up working from home. I agree; that kind of defeats the purpose. So her mom is hauling ass all over the house to get things sorted and in the middle of her frantics she tells Rachael that there needs to be a "business meeting" with her, her brother, Rachael, my dad, my step-mom, and myself.

I get with my dad and he isn’t too hot on the idea of going over to her turf to discuss our engagement; it’s just asking for conflict and a pissing match. Our consensus is to have this in a more public place, like a coffee shop, with either a 1-on-1 between her mom and my dad or everyone at the coffee shop with a preference on the former. Rachael and I are not interested in bringing it up over Christmas; it’s a happy time.

Christmas Eve Rachael’s brother is staying over at their place and he rails into her about getting married. As I’m told, he even knocked over a lamp in the process. His sentiments changed a little after seeing how we got a long with each other during the Christmas Day party. So after Christmas dinner at their place Rachael, her brother, and myself go to drive him to his GF’s place and to talk about things. He’s cool with me and how her and I get along with each other, but feels that we’d be taking a complete shit on the family if we got married in July. He believes we need to humor their mum and wait till after she graduates. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole family feels like we’re taking a shit on them if we go ahead with this. I don’t intend to sound mean, but that’s their problem for feeling that way; if that’s truly their stance, bar none that is Emotional Blackmail. That’s like telling someone you love them and can’t live without them even though they have no interest in you. Should that person not be with whom they choose because it would hurt your feelings?

Her brother still stands by with his opinion on the matter. After dropping them off we head back to her place so she can give me a backrub. Of course after everyone is gone, Rachael finishing up on my backrub, and me tired making my way out the door her mom asks about the "meeting." I inquire about exactly what the topic is. She replies with something along the lines of it’s to get together, discuss the engagement, but "not to celebrate the engagement," and to meet each other. The "not to celebrate the engagement" bit is the only direct quote I could remember. I tell her that they’re more interested in doing it over coffee in public which she seemed open to, though is contrary to what she expressed to Rachael previously. I’ve arranged for her mom and my dad to communicate and nail out the details.

I was shaking and having random muscle spasms this morning from the stress of this shit on my mind, but I’m doing better now. Maybe I need to start giving out fines to people that increase my stress level. Just got a call from my dad and everything is arranged to meet at a café. His take on her mom is this:
  • Things are moving too fast. I agree it’s quite sudden and we probably didn’t handle things in the best possible fashion. What’s done is done and we can only move forward.
  • She’s worried about Rachael finishing college. Not a problem. Rachael and I are quite adamant on her finishing her bachelor’s degree and willing to do what is necessary.
  • She doesn’t think Rachael is mature enough and ready for marriage. Perhaps and perhaps not. If she truly is not ready, we will work through it and make it work. Not to mention, is anyone ever truly ready? I leave that up to God’s discretion to make such decisions.

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    I proposed to Rachael last night. I couldn't get through the whole sentence before she tackled me. Here are a few pics: http://omega99.com/gallery/engagement
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    After much slacking, I spent 10 minutes and got my picture gallery back online here: http://omega99.com/gallery. Although now that everything is running, I'm severly behind in version numbers for mostly every component that runs it. At least it's up and running. Now I've got to add the gigabytes of pics that I've taken since it went down.

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    My pirate name is:

    Dirty Jon Kidd

    You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

    Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
    part of the fidius.org network
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    Steve Irwin has passed away. The kooky crocodile guy that we've come to know and love was kill by a stingray on 2006/09/04. It's sad to see someone who actually made a difference pass away so early. He will be missed, but I hope his legacy will go on. Check out the link for more info.

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    Either she's on some serious drugs and/or truly is redneck white trailer trash:

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    Well it’s that time again. I’m having issues keeping enough free space on my server to stuff. I built the server back in November 2003 with a two year old Pentium III processor and according motherboard. I added a four 160Gb Seagate HDDs in a RAID 5 array and got about 310GB of storage space. I’m now down to 4.4GB of free space and struggling to figure out what I can delete to free up space.

    The thought has crossed my mind to build a new array. I was to build something that will last me a few years and give me the peace of mind that I really don’t have to worry about the thing. Something I’ve wanted to do is transfer my whole DVD collection to the server and be able to watch on demand wherever I have the appropriate amount of bandwidth. 2TB of storage space come to mind.

    My present server including the RAID5 array cost me about $700. $500 is tied up in the HDDs alone and include one cold spare that I’ve never used. Pricing out the necessary HDDs with the lowest cost comes to $1600 with no cold spare. Performance has always been a concern, but 3Gbps SATA RAID 5 array managed by PCI Express x8 RAID card could definitely reduce speed issues. The problem is that I would need to do a complete upgrade on the server replacing every component except the case itself. Before I know it, I’m at $3000 for a new server.

    It’s not like the thing needs much processing power to do what it needs to do. I’ll probably stick with my current server and just upgrade the HDDs. Hopefully the RAID card that I’ve got can handle the huge drives I’m looking at. Though, it might be a while till I can muster up that kind of expendable dough on some new drives especially when I’m spending money on a lady, have vacation ideas, and have other projects on the back burners.

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    When I was getting of my server job last night, my car just didn't start up like normal as if the batter were low. I didn't pay much mind to it since I was exhausted. This morning it didn't start up at all. Luckily my car was parked on an incline and I was able put pop start it.

    My plan was to pop start it at work and take it to the dealer during lunch. That plan didn't work out to well since the incline at work wasn't steep enough to give the momentum I needed. After much sweat trying to push it over a small incline to get to a steeper incline, I gave up. Thankfully the CTO had jumper cables and was able to give me a jump.

    It's at the dealer right now and hopefully they're going to replace the battery under warranty and figure out why it went dead. Pushing my car didn't help the injuries I made to my wrists on Friday night.

    The real pisser is the car is pretty expensive and is only two years old. I've heard that VW uses pretty crappy batteries for which there is no excuse. Spend the extra $70-$100 on a better battery and pass that cost on to the customer if necessary. I'd be willing to spend a couple of extra bucks on something that would increase my chanses of my new car being able to get me from point A to point B reliably.

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